Float rooms with space & appeal

Introducing the stunning 2016 Model of The Ocean Float Room. Delivered and installed throughout the United States of America and Canada.

Earn higher profits with an Ocean Float Room: an invitingly spacious, high performance float room.

The Ocean Floatation room has a proven record attracting far more potential clients eager to try floatation for the first time when compared to standard float rooms.

  • More Profitable Business
  • 25 Year Life Span
More customers produce higher profits for your business.

Whether as a stand-alone commercial floatation business, or as part of an existing business such as a health centre, hotel, gym, leisure centre, spa, beauty salon, health farm or hairdressers, think of how many more floating customers will use your Ocean Float room because it is so much more inviting than the usual commercial floatation rooms.

You can incorporate floatation therapy into any existing commercial business to boost health, feel good factor, creativity and learning utilizing sensory deprivation.

Ocean Float Rooms have been making float rooms since 1989 & our durability record is unrivalled. We have many original float room units 20 to 25 years old still providing pleasure and profits. The float room is manufactured in the highest quality marine grade fiberglass providing extra long life and a great ease of cleaning.

Our exceptional local & worldwide reputation has made us the largest overall supplier of float rooms in the UK and the largest supplier of Float rooms worldwide. Our float rooms are the preferred choice for professionals working in the floatation therapy industry utilizing sensory deprivation and we supply both domestic users as well as floatation room businesses.